Hiking trip in Iceland. Very beautiful region, about a 5 hour flight from the northern part of the East Coast, relatively cool climate, wet, hilly and green for the most part. Most of Iceland's interior is unhabited and hard to access. Basically everyone lives on a...

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Canary Islands

Self guided hiking trip in the Canary Islands. Very beautiful region, about a 3 hour flight from Madrid, very hilly and green. Despite its small size, the Canary Island Archipelago is one of the world’s most biodiverse parts of the temperate regions. All the people I...

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Did a self guided hiking trip in Slovenia, my first trip abroad since the pandemic began. Slovenia is located in central Europe and is know for its beautiful mountainous and forested terrain, which covers 20,271 square kilometers (7,827 sq mi). It has a population of...

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South Africa Walking Trek

Hiking trip in South Africa and Swaziland. Very beautiful area with lots of rolling green hills, feels a bit like hiking in Scotland but with lions and giraffes. Trip focused on a more active itinerary then typical, consisting of daily hikes and game viewing in...

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Philippine Mountain Trek

Hiking trip to the Cordillera Mountain region of the Philippines, which is situated within the island of Luzon. The only landlocked region in the country.

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Tour du Mont Blanc

Multi-day trek around Western Europe’s highest peak (4807m/15,771ft), passing through France, Italy and Switzerland.

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